Blood in waterI’ve had a cold for a few days now, and the excessive nose-rubbing prompted by this cold has left my nose rather raw, and the rawness of my nose has led to nose-bleeding, which has in turn led to the use of tissues to catch the blood, some of which I’ve thrown in the toilet bowl on several occasions without flushing afterward, and this has resulted in my surprise at coming into the bathroom and seeing a red color in the toilet water, my subsequent remembering that I threw bloody tissues in there, and then noticing that the blood has separated not only from the tissues but from the toilet water itself, sitting at the very bottom because, as we all know, blood is heavier than water and therefore will gravitate to the bottom if left for a period of time.

Strange, random thought:
If I ever get the opportunity to make a film, and this film requires a scene where somebody bleeds to death in a bathtub, I will require my special effects artists to ensure that the blood rests on the bottom of the tub, below the water, and not mixed up with it.