If the alleged connections to terrorism, killing of animals and fallacious arguments don’t provoke mocking of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), this should.

President Obama, in the middle of an MSNBC interview, killed a fly with his hand saying, “That was pretty good, wasn’t it? I got the sucker! What you think, Gibbs?” This prompted PETA to issue a statement saying:

We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals. We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals.

“Even for the smallest.” It seems to me that PETA would be inconsistent, then, to kill bacteria with cleaning products in their houses or with antibiotics in their bodies. Or to spray for cockroaches or scorpions. Or to treat an infection. Or to accept chemotherapy.

But the people of PETA aren’t about being consistent; they’re about being cretinous assholes in the news. The head moron at PETA has said that they’re “media whores”; that’s a decent description.

But perhaps a set of hypocritical, bogus viewpoints isn’t worth publicizing?