Good, and with Angelina Jolie to boot. My current computer desktop picture (or ‘wallpaper’ for you poor Windows users) is a still from this movie featuring the back of a wet, topless Angelina replete with some great ink. The subject is interesting: a fraternity of assassins recruits a normal, boring guy with a job at a desk cubicle, with sometimes amusing, sometimes dramatic results. A tad long, but a good twist and a kick-ass ending.

The HappeningThe Happening

This appealed to me, since I enjoy movies with a ‘disaster affecting everyone’ theme. Part Dawn of the Dead, part War of the Worlds, this wasn’t as good as either, although it didn’t fail to entertain in parts. It has a somewhat weak premise, but is still the kind of movie that could be remembered well and parodied successfully (starting with the people falling off the roof at the beginning).


Very good, entertaining as hell and a lot better than I expected. Will Smith puts in a fantastic performance and the film is funnier with a more original premise and backstory than I imagined it would. The critics gave everyone the impression this movie was shit and it’s slowly spreading by word of mouth that the critics were wrong. Worth 90 minutes of your time.


Unsurprising. Pixar proves it’s still the master of modern animated storytelling, and it’s everything you’d expect a Pixar movie to be: well-written, inspirational, personal, detailed, perfectly executed. It’s a little long, if you ask me, and the opening premise (that human beings have destroyed the earth and are fat, dumb, controlled by corporations and living on a spaceship aimlessly floating through the cosmos) is ridiculous and fallacious. Still, it’s a Pixar film and your kids will love it.