Our original article here: Today, Kevin Yuill eulogises Charlton Heston, agreeing with us that Moore was “bullying”, “disgracefully.” Yuill summarises, “Heston’s hands may now be cold and dead, and he may have cut a forlorn figure in the past few years, but he remains a giant compared with Lilliputians like Moore and his elitist, fear-mongering gun-control buddies.” Yuill’s full article here.


Our original article here: Today, our friend William Crawley picks up the issue and asks, “If the basis for objection is merely the impact on children who issue from a union, what about the ethical status of the sibling-couples who decide to remain childless? … Should the UK law be changed to permit siblings to consensually form adult sexual relationships (possibly even marriage)?” As Stephen argued, we maintain that it should. Crawley’s full article here.