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Award-winning nonfiction filmmaking

John Wright is a director of award-winning nonfiction motion pictures which give a powerful insight into people who have stories to tell.

As a collaborator, John works with other filmmakers and with clients who seek him out for the perspective he brings to film and video projects.


Compelling stories told beautifully

Everything is a reenactment.
We are reenacting the world in the mind.
Errol Morris


John’s films are so beautifully produced. Even lighthearted moments have such an underlying elegance. They spark emotion, laughter, even righteous anger. I really fall into his work, no matter the subject.
Kelly Clark
John just gets it, and we knew that when we asked him to direct this project. It was amazing to see what he did with it. Really incredible work. He just understands the tone of each project and it’s impressive how ‘in tune’ he is with the subject. We absolutely loved it.
Jason Marino
You almost never get the kind of open warmth in dialogue that John captured in this footage. It was refreshing and very beautiful, and give me the chills. I cried.
Ariana Crisafulli
We kinda swooned a bit and definitely envied John’s work and talent for a couple of days when we saw the film. It was both clear and relatable and drew me in immediately.
Marian Hoff
There’s richness and depth here, evidence of which emerged after the sixth time I watched the film. Each time I found more to consider. Somehow it is deep but relatable.
Keith Banner

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“You should look straight at a film.
That’s the only way to see one.”
Werner Herzog

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