The Aha Makhav

The Aha Makhav



The Noisy Plume

The Noisy Plume

Goatman: Search for the Legend (2010)

Goatman: Search for the...

The Live Campaign

The Live Campaign

Melissa Wright Photography

Melissa Wright Photogra...

Best Day Ever (2014)

Best Day Ever (2014)

James Woods for Congress

James Woods for Congres...


Got a burning question?

What are you working on now?

I'm directing and producing a feature documentary on Bart Campolo's journey out of the faith he shared with his father Tony, and featuring an in-depth conversation between them. (More info HERE. I'm also making a series of films about the Mohave Indian tribe, and how their culture has changed over time.

Where can I get more info on the Campolo film?

Check out CampoloFilm.com for more info and an option to be updated by email when we have news.

I have a film / video / script idea I want to run by you. Can we talk about it?

Sure! I'm always open to that. But you should know I'm already committed through the end of 2016 for the most part; the exception is for commercial work (see below).

I need a TV commercial. Can you help?

Yes, for commercials intended for TV, web video or those movie theater ads that show before the previews. If you'd like to talk about doing one, get in touch!

Can I be on your radio show?

Being on the air every day means I'm always looking for interesting content. If you think you might be what I'm looking for, let me know!

How do I get into radio / film / writing / whatever?

First, careful what you wish for. Those are fields with extremely limited opportunities. If you just want to have fun and don't mind making any money - at least for the first while - then start a podcast, buy a camera and start pointing it at stuff, open your laptop and start writing. You can't beat just jumping in with both feet. If you're super-duper serious and want to commit your entire life to a single one of those endeavors to the point where you could make a living off it, go to broadcasting school or film school. But even that's not a guarantee, and there's no substitute for experience.

What's your position on sub sandwiches?

I'm in favor.


And British. It's a Northern Ireland thing.



Born and raised in Belfast, John dodged the bombs and bullets while taking an early interest in media, using the excuse of being senior editor for a student newsletter and annual magazine to skip classes for four consecutive years, and producing and editing video and audio as part of various media-related activities at the time.


After a while in Belfast radio, he now produces a daily talk radio show and lives near the Colorado River in western Arizona, a stone's throw from Southern California where he also spends a lot of time. John is a documentary filmmaker who also partners with other filmmakers on projects of all kinds.


He spends the rest of his time with a collection of misfits he calls friends and family, bicycling, hiking, jetskiing, wake surfing, arguing, dining and movie-watching.


Want to talk about a film project or radio interview or something like that? A top-secret mission, perhaps?

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John is on Twitter

John is on Twitter